Do It Yourself Wardrobe System To Suit Any Space

Simple to assemble and easy to install. The Flexi Storage Wardrobe is an easy-to-build wardrobe system that helps you to organise your space just the way you like it. The range includes Walk-In, Built-In, Sliding and Hinged Wardrobes.

The Range

Walk-In Wardrobe

Allowing you to make the most of your Walk-In space and display your most loved pieces, the Flexi Walk-In range will suit your style. Offering a variety of units and configurations, maximise your wardrobe utility to store your clothes, shoes, bags and accessories all in one easy-to-build system.


Built-In Wardrobe

Built-In units are and ideal fit inside your existing wardrobe cavity to create functional storage space. Our shelves can be adjusted to virtually any position you like and the inclusion of drawers encourages you to customise to a style that works best for you!